Words like h—, d—, a–, etc appearing fewer than ten times throughout the duration of the novel.

Curses repeated ten to twenty-five times or so throughout the novel. (This is something like once or twice per chapter.)

Swear words used more like once or twice per scene, but no F-bomb.

Language includes use of f—, and/or other foul language occurs frequently, more than a couple times per scene.

Sexual Content

Includes infrequent kissing, few or no indirect references to sex that do not include main characters.

Regular kissing scenes interspersed through the story or more frequent/more obvious but not explicit references to sex.

Characters obviously struggle with desire to progress beyond kissing each other, references to sex are more open, though those behaviors are not displayed.

Central characters have sexual relationships that are explicitly described in scenes of the story. The encounters may be openly described during or after the actual event.

Spiritual Content

Rather than a scale here, any spiritual content will be summarized.


Rather than a scale here, any violent content will be summarized.

Drug Content

Any drug references or abuse will be summarized.

9 Responses to “The Content Scale”

  1. George Cole Says:

    My new novel, “Colt O’Brien Sees the Light” has just been published. I consider it to be a YA book. It is not what I would consider to be a Christian novel. Does that exclude my book from being reviewed? It does deal with moral choices, education and a teen character overcoming internal and external challenges. There is a seduction scene but no explicit sex. The main character does struggle with desire. No drugs. Some violence – fights.
    If my book meets your criteria for submission, please let me know. Regards George Cole

    1. kaseygiard Says:

      Hi George – Sorry for the embarrassing delay in my response. Your novel would be a great candidate for review. While I review from a Christian perspective, I am extremely interested in reading and reviewing all sorts of books. 🙂 Best of luck to you!

      1. Hi Casey
        Please let me know what steps to take to get a copy of my book to you. I have ebook formats or print.
        George Matthew Cole

      2. kaseygiard Says:

        I sent you an email via the address on your web site. Looking forward to reading.

  2. Hey,
    I am writing to request a review of my first novel released by Muse It Up Publishing on 6/3/2011. It is an e-book, YA Christian fantasy, and book 1 of a trilogy.
    Relics of Nanthara: Secrets Revealed

    I thank you in advance.
    Take care,
    Nick G. Giannaras

    1. kaseyheinly Says:

      Hi Nick! I am so sorry that I missed your request. I’ve had some personal detours that have made it impossible for me to keep up with this blog for the last few years, but I hope to be back at it now. Your book sounds really fascinating. I would love to check it out soon. 🙂

  3. I sent you a NOOK file. I look forward to your review. Please let me know of others that might have an interest in reviewing “Colt O’Brien Grows Up”. Thanks

  4. Kasey, I just stumbled across your website. I am a new author of a young adult novel called, Me, An Old Pilot and a Three-Legged Dog. It is published by iUniverse. It is available in hard back, soft back and e-book format. You can read the cover copy on-line. I originally wanted to market this book as Christian literature. But as the book developed I wrote in conflicts that tested my main character’s faith. I was afraid I had written myself out of the market. The main overiding theme in the book is empowering young women. There however remains that thread of Christian conflict and resolution; an internal struggle within in her. Why won’t God stop the War in Afghanistan. Her father is an Army helicpter pilot? Why won’t God answer her prayers? She grows angry at God. She rebels against, all things “church”. Can her grandfather guide her back? Will she return to those values she learned in Sunday School as she grows into womanhood? I hope you will consider my book for review.

    1. kaseygiard Says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’ll email you privately to discuss this further. 🙂

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