These reviews are intended to assist parents and teens in making confident, informed decisions about literature that is age-appropriate. The purpose of this site is not to dissuade anyone from reading a particular book or series, but rather to allow readers to approach books that might be off their beaten path by providing an understanding of the content within those novels.

As parents, I believe we have a responsibility to be aware of what our children are reading. Literature entertains, but also informs and educates. Books can provide opportunities to discuss moral and ethical issues that our children may or may not face in their day to day lives. Stories about the Tutsi massacres in Rwanda may be graphically violent but open a dialogue about racism and genocide. These are important issues, but you as the parent need to decide – is your child ready to tackle these issues at eleven? Thirteen? Seventeen?

Do you read what your child reads? If you have a ravenous reader under roof, maybe this is biting off more than you can chew. But I encourage you as a parent to read YA. Read the novels on your child’s required and recommended reading lists. Look them up online. Discuss the moral and ethical dilemmas and choices the characters face in those stories.

Be proactive. You know your child better than anyone else. The same way you would restrict your child from certain movie content or from participating in certain activities, be vigilant about what they are reading and when. The goal of this blog is to aid you in making an informed decision about the content of popular novels. The appropriate age for your child to experience these novels remains your decision alone.

It is important to maintain respect for both readers and writers. Feedback is excellent, but please be courteous to others. Inappropriate comments will be removed from the site.